Rhoda Wilkinson Domingo has been practicing Immigration Law since 1986. She was a key player in the cases that resulted in changes in immigration law to protect children of legal U.S. residents. Ms. Wilkinson Domingo currently has five published cases, four in the Ninth Circuit and one in the 7th Circuit, that created new law while setting precedent.

My Mission

To recognize the importance of immigrants in America by helping them stay in the United States, achieve their goals, and participate in the American Dream. America is more than a place it is an idea, where freedom & opportunity and justice prevail.


About The Firm

Based in San Francisco’s historic Flood Building, the Law Offices of Rhoda Wilkinson Domingo focuses on immigration law: obtaining visas, either for work or family; asylum, and deportation defense.

Everyone has a story. My job is to tell the Immigrant’s story in the best way possible. I have the experience necessary to strategically craft a person’s story to highlight the facts that will most appeal to both the logic and pull on the heartstrings of the court and, if necessary, the public.