How long will my case take?

Every case is different, which means every case has a different expected timeframe for completion. The reality is that most immigration applications take months – and in some cases years – from start to finish. Typically, the primary factor in how long an application will take is U.S. government processing. Some employment-based applications permit expedited processing for an additional fee. Family-based applications do not have this option; however, you can request expedited processing in extreme situations, which is granted at the U.S. government’s discretion.

During your 1 hour consultation, we will review processing timelines based on the application that best fits your needs. Our law firm will work with you to ensure your application is prepared in a timely manner.

How much will my case cost?

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I received a Request for Evidence, a Notice of Intent to Deny, or a Notice of Intent to Revoke. How to go about it?

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