Naturalización es un proceso en donde una persona no nacida en los Estado Unidos voluntariamente se hace Ciudadano Americano. Hemos representado a clientes en entrevistas de Ajuste de Estatus, entrevistas de Naturalización, entrevistas I-751, y audiencias de corte. También podemos atender citas para registrarse con ICE (por sus siglas en Ingles) o citas de inspecciones deferidas. También lo preparamos para su entrevista, audiencia, facturación, o cita antes de la fecha programada para que usted se sienta con confianza al presentarse frente de un oficial de inmigración.


Rhoda has become family now after 25 years of working with her. My father was the first to become a citizen, with her help each step of the way, back in '92. Then came my mom and my older sister years later. Finally myself, at 32yrs old. During my application process, I was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer. Not only did Rhoda and the whole team support me and help me tremendously through the whole naturalization process, but they also didn't push me to finish quickly. They let me take my time and now I am a U.S. citizen and a very happy customer. I am so glad my Dad found them years ago and I will forever recommend their professionalism and dedication.

Ariana D.

Rhoda Wilkinson Domingo has been our attorney since l993. We own a specialized manufacturing business. She has been able to immigrate several employees to work for our company. Some of the cases were extremely difficult because not all the individuals had enough education and we had to rely on their experience. In one instance, Ms. Wilkinson filed a case for us in District Court because the immigration service was not following its own rules. The immigration service capitulated, and the case was granted. Rhoda Wilkinson Domingo is an excellent attorney. We would gladly recommend her to anyone seeking an extremely knowledgeable and tenacious immigration lawyer.

Karen B.

I have the opportunity to use the services of Rhoda Wilkinson Domingo, and it is just great. She is truly a compassionate and hard working individual who goes out of her way for all her clients. Rhoda is taking care of my family's immigration issues currently and she was very organized, confident. She walked us through the process with ease and care. She gave us what our options were and recommendations on the best course of action. My family knows exactly what to expect because Rhoda took the time to prepare. Rhoda also charges one fee for the entire case, so there is no restriction by hourly rates.
My family's case is still in the process but I am confident that Rhoda's hard work, caring attitude, and the fact that she knows what she is doing, will get us a favorable solution in the end.
Thank you Rhoda, for taking the time to work with my family. You have my highest recommendation.

Hibret B.

We cannot say enough about Rhoda, Maria and Sylvia! They meticulously handled a very tough immigration case for over two years. At some point, the whole file was apparently misplaced by the government; rhoda and her team never gave up, followed through and ultimately obtained the right result for my family member. They were recently given a visa to come to the United States on a provisional basis! They have been waiting for this moment for over 10 years. Rhoda not only knows the legal hoops to jump through, but she also has practical insight into how to maneuver the twist and turns of an immigration case especially during this climate. Two thumbs up for Rhoda!!

Amir A.

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