International Entrepreneur Parole Program

By May 18, 2021 May 20th, 2021 Blog

Another piece of news is the International Entrepreneur parole program

“Under the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER), DHS may use its parole authority to grant a period of authorized stay, on a case-by-case basis,

The gov can parole into the US foreign entrepreneurs who demonstrate that their stay in the United States would provide a significant public benefit through their business venture.

The entrepreneurs granted parole will be eligible to work only for their start-up business. The spouses and children of the foreign entrepreneur may also be eligible for parole. While spouses may apply for work authorization once present in the United States as parolees, the children are not eligible to work. IER parole may be granted for up to three entrepreneurs per start-up entity.

DHS has been arguing over this for a few years but now they are allowing immigrants with great ideas to come to the US to start their businesses here. Up until now, these people with great ideas for start ups were not allowed to enter and had to look for a different type of visa to get into the US.

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